About Point to Point Export Services

Point to Point Export Services was set up in 1999 by Maria Narancic to assist companies with their export trade, business and commerce if they lacked in-house experience.  Maria has been involved in International Trade since 1983, working in both Limited and Blue Chip companies, mainly for manufacturing organisations, before setting up her own company.

Since 1999 she has assisted all types of organisations from one-person companies to Blue Chip Organisations with export and import training and advice; explaining international regulations and policies, and helping their businesses to grow.

If you need assistance in any of the following areas of your international trade, please do contact us by e-mail at info@point-point.com.  We are happy to listen to your enquiry and provide quotations (if required). 

  • We can provide general advice for importing and exporting ventures.
  • The ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Incoterms 2010 are becoming more and more important in international trade contracts.  We can help you understand and use them effectively.
  • We can help you by advising what factors to consider when establishing an international trade contract to limit any problems once shipments begin.
  • We can assist you with the issuance of export documents so you can obtain payment promptly, and ensure your customer has the right documents to complete their import.
  • We can help you to get paid under Letters of Credit (also known as Documentary Credits)
  • We can provide training in a number of export related fields to your staff so they are better informed of what to do, when to do it and how to sort out problems.
  • We can help you establish an export department if required, providing training to staff, the issuance of procedure manuals and on-going support.

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