Form M shipments to Nigeria

Shipments to Nigeria, especially those being shipped by sea freight, must be shipped under a Form M.  The Form M is instigated by the Nigerian importer and issued through their government, and is essentially a form of permission.  This means that the import has been established with the Nigerian Government, that finances for the import have been established through the correct channels and the Nigerian importer is not liable to any additional fines or registration problems once the goods arrive at a Nigerian port.

Form M and shipments
Previously it was possible to ship goods from different Form M permissions together, to save on shipment costs.  However, there has been a recent change to this practice, and it appears that this system is no longer acceptable to the Nigerian authorities, and they are insisting on individual shipments for each Form M contract.

This has both cost and time implications and so anyone exporting to Nigeria must take into consideration that they cannot consolidate shipments any more and so contracts under different Form M’s must be packed, shipped and invoiced as separate consignments.

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