HMRC assistance to importers

HM Revenue and Customs now offer a programme of free live and pre-recorded webinars to assist traders on international matters.  A list of topics is available at under the International Trade heading.  This is part of Revenue and Customs objective to make it as easy as possible for businesses to understand and comply with their obligations, help traders to make the best use of any duty relief schemes and simplify any procedures that are available as well as helping to reduce costs and make the trading process as easy as possible.

The webinars available at the moment consist of the following:-

Choosing a live or pre-recorded webinar
An introduction to International Trade
An introduction to Inward Processing (IP)
An introduction to Outward Processing (OP)
An introduction to Customs Warehousing
An introduction to Export Preference.

Maria Narancic from Point to Point Export Services is an independent international trade adviser who assists organisations world wide with their international trade projects, documentation, Documentary Credits and import/export training.  She is based in the United Kingdom.  If you require any further assistance, please do contact us by e-mail on

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