Do you require help with your export documentation?
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Exporting goods abroad can be a challenge, especially when export documents need to be completed and you don’t know which ones, or how to complete them. Point to Point Export Services can help by explaining what documents are needed for your shipment and how to complete them, thus saving you time and money.

We can help you with:-

  • Commercial, Pro-forma and Customs invoices
    We can explain when to use which, and what information is needed to meet your, and  your customer’s, requirements.
  • Packing Lists
    A surprising amount of information is required by your customer on the physical  details of your shipment, to help them import your goods successfully. We can help  you issue packing lists which meet your customer’s needs.
  • Certificates of Origin
    Importers often require a Certificate of Origin to meet Customs or Quota  requirements in the country of import. We can assist you with the completion of  these Certificates.
  • EUR1 and ATR Movement Certificates
    Movement certificates can help your customer buy your goods less expensively by  reducing the amount of duty they pay. However, there are strict rules regarding when  these certificates can be issued. We can advise when you can use them and how to  complete them successfully.
  • To assist our clients we have also written some blogs about export documents which can be accessed through the export blog section, under export documents.

Do contact us for further information on how we can help you with your export documentation by either phoning us on 01189 323830 or contacting us by e-mail at