‘I have bamboo in my heart’.

I absolutely love this phrase in Chinese Mandarin which is spelt xiong you cheng zhu (pronounced shong yow chungg jhoo – any Chinese readers please don’t hesitate to correct me if this is wrong).

Many centuries ago there was a Chinese scene painter who specialised in painting pictures of bamboo.  He was so good that when you looked at one of his scenes it was as if you were transported to the bamboo thicket and could smell the plants growing, could hear the insects buzzing away and the gentle birdsong in the background.  He had spent years watching bamboo, observing small seedlings as they grew into mature plants; observing the different varieties in all types of light, from dawn to dusk, in deep sunlight and on cold winter days.  He knew what a raindrop on a leaf looked like and how in the right light it would sparkle like a precious jewel.  He then spent years working out how to reproduce everything he had observed in paint and was once asked by one of his clients about his ability to portray this lovely plant.  Instead of telling the client about his years of study he responded, after a few moment thought, with the simple phrase “I have bamboo in my heart.”  He was so certain that he ‘knew’ bamboo that he could paint it with confidence and to a very high standard each time he decided to do so.

I am sure that some of the best athletes in the world have “bamboo in their heart”.  But they are not alone.  Each of us has the potential to be so well prepared in something that we know when we attempt it, we will succeed to the highest standard.

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