Shipments from Yemen and Somalia to USA

New security measures came into force on 8th November 2010 for everyone involved in shipping by air to the USA. The U.S Transportation Security Administration has issued the following additional security measures.

1. There is a full embargo on all cargo originating or transferring from or transiting through Yemen or Somalia.
2. Toner and ink cartridges are subject to enhanced security restrictions based on Government and airline directives.
3. Cargo identified as “high risk” will require additional security measures and will only be permitted on All Cargo aircraft and not allowed to ship on passenger aircraft.

There may be delays shipping certain goods to the USA as a result of the above measures.

There are also UK measures which have been in place since 2nd November 2010 and these are as follows:

1. Suspension of all unaccompanied shipments from Yemen and Somalia destined to or transiting the UK. Shipments from the UK destined for Yemen and Somalia are presently unaffected.
2. There is a weight limit of 0.5 kgs for all shipments containing individual ink or toner cartridges either sent individually or as part of an office equipment package.

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