The Basics of Exporting and Importing – We can help you get started

For businesses wishing to expand, exporting can offer significant growth possibilities. However, a lot of businesses are surprisingly reticent to look overseas for new customer markets.  Cultural and practical considerations can be off-putting and many businesses have stated that for them to start exporting they require more support.

Point to Point Export Services can offer independent advice and support for businesses wishing to import and export.  We help by advising what problems to look out for, where hidden costs lie, how to mitigate risks and what laws need to be considered.

Exporting and importing is less difficult than you might imagine – you just need someone to give you a helping hand, and Point to Point Export Services are there to offer you that helping hand, avoiding unnecessary costs and assisting you to make a profit on your exporting contracts.

To assist our clients we have also written a series of blogs on various aspects of importing and exporting, drawing on our experience of working in international trade.  These are available, free of charge, through the blog section of this website.

Meanwhile, if you have any specific questions not covered in our articles, do contact us today at for further advice or just to talk to us about your exporting and importing plans.