The Export Contract is the foundation for all International Transactions

So getting the Export Contract right should be a priority for anyone involved in exporting, yet this can be difficult to do when there is a lack of knowledge about what information should be included.

As well as the normal details of supply, quality and quantity of goods, shipping and packing information, an international contract also needs to specify the following:

– Determining operational laws and place of arbitration

– Detailing out risks and responsibilities of each party, in addition to specifying the ICC Incoterm (if used)

– Compliance information, including (if necessary) any anti-bribery clauses.

Point to Point Export Services can assist by highlighting which international trade terms and concepts are applicable in your contract, advising where certain matters need to be spelt out (often required due to cultural or language barriers), highlighting the risks inherent in the transaction and suggesting how to mitigate those risks.  Please note we cannot offer legal advice, but we can identify situations when such advice may be necessary.

To assist our clients we have issued a series of blogs regarding certain aspects of International Trade, which can help determine some of the factors to be considered in export contracts.

Point to Point Export Services can assist your business set up win/win International contracts.  Please do contact us at for further information.